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Pro Kit for Nikon (includes H/W + S/W)
Create professional, high quality spherical photographs in just two shots. No messing around with 'nodal points', levers, knobs, bubbles or adapters. No expensive, quirky hardware. The IPIX Pro Kit for Nikon simply combines IPIX software with the Sunex lens/rotator ensemble to give you an unbeatable way to capture up, down, and all around. (Camera body not included.)


Price: $2,099.00
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If you have a Nikon mount DSLR camera (see Pro Kit for Canon for Canon DSLR cameras), the IPIX Pro Kit for Nikon provides a painless way to produce top quality spherical photographs. Today's DSLR cameras have ever increasing resolution and onboard image processing capability. Amidst this rapidly changing environment, the IPIX Pro Kit for Nikon lets you "future proof" the essential ingredients for DSLR spherical photography. Your lens, rotator, and software migrate forward when new Nikon camera bodies come out. Spherical photography has never been easier, better, or more cost effective.

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